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Conditon of Bookings:


Fare Policy

  • All fares quoted are in SGD dollar.
  • Standard transport travel hour is from 6am to 12 mid-night. Extra charges apply for pickup beyond the standard hours.

Terms of Service

  • Pickup and drop off at any 1 location in Singapore.
  • Transfer is point to point without detour. Additional $10 charges apply for additional pick up and drop off point.
  • Additional Surcharge for waiting time exceeding 30 minutes from specified pick up time. Calculated on hourly rate of the vehicle. $15 per hour or part thereof.
  • We reserve to the right to discontinue the service if we found that the assignment compromises the safety of our employee and passenger
  • Company has the right to provide free upgrade of vehicles. Customer will not be charged for upgrade.


  • 1-way Transfer – Pick guests from 1 location and sent directly to destination only. No return trips.
  • 2-ways Transfer – Pick guests from 1 location and sent directly to destination plus return trip.
  • 8 or 14 hours Tour package – Vehicle is reserved for entire 8 or 14 hours. Driver and vehicle will be with the customer throughout the journey. Customer can choose to travel to as many places and anywhere within the requested area as long as the total time is within the 1st pick up location to the last drop off location. 



Customers (where customer is the person or group that engage our service):

Hereby acknowledge that by booking our service, he/she have agrees that no liability will be attach to the Company, its employees or its agents in respect of death, personal injury or illness of the Passenger during the course of the travel.

AS Car Transport Service shall not be liable for any damage, losses or additional expenses suffered as a result of cancellation, sickness, repatriation, accident, delay, mechanical breakdowns, weather, Act of God or other causes.

And The Passenger acknowledge that he/she is aware that during the course of engaging us, he/she travels entirely at his/her own risk.


Notes for all valued customer:

Please refrain from leaving your valuable belonging in the vehicles. AS Car Transport Service will not be responsible if items goes missing. Passengers are reminded to comply with both Singapore and Malaysia law. No contraband items allow and customer will be held responsible for their actions and shall not involve AS Car Transport Service.

As much as we respect our customer, we, AS Car Transport Service, would like to request the same respect to be given to our employee. AS Car Transport Service will have the right to decline any transportation / job assignment if we found that it will compromise the safety of our employee