Why us

We ensure that all our driving staff follow standards of road safety protocols and ensure the safety of all the passengers during the trip.  We ensure that all our driving staff have at least a minimum of 8 hours of rest prior to the job assignment.

We will always respect all the passengers of their request and try in whichever means within our reach to assist.

We are very particular about our service quality. And since punctuality is part of quality service. We ensure that our driving staff arrives 10 minutes earlier for all job assignment. And proud to say, we have achieved 99% punctuality.

When come to figures, we are aware that everyone would like to get the best deal. Therefore we ensure that all our prices are affordable if not lower than our competitor without compromising our service quality. To us, giving a good rate to all our customers will make them return to us. And to us, retaining return customer is much more cheaper than to get new customer.

At Aggrate Shaufer Travel & Tours & AS Car Rental, we provide chauffeur and limousine service for your guest and business partners for their visit in Malaysia. Beginning with us, we will ensure that your experience in Malaysia will be an enjoyable event.

Transport service to Genting Highland